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The choice of convincing essay themes is a very difficult job. Essay themes should be clearly and logically expressed. You must pay the structure of the essay. You must consider the arguments that indicate your personal attitude to the problem. They must rely on the facts of social life and your own experience. Examples of good arguments can be viewed in domyessay review. You need to make convincing evidence that your thoughts will argue. To do this, you can use different examples of fiction or from life. You must record specifically to avoid inaccurates, use the right grammatical structures and suitable dictionaries. From the first words of your essay you need to interest the reader, because at this moment he decides to read it or not. So that's why your essay themes should be convincing, interesting and exciting. But this does not mean that your essay themes should be very difficult. Sometimes the easiest convincing essay themes are the right things, because they are easy to understand.

List of convincing themes essay

  • If the government proposes a tax on treated products and fatty snacks?

  • Legal right to own weapons of violence?

  • Should restaurants be allowed to sell genetically modified food?

  • Should teachers need to pass simple skills, test all decades to resume their certification?

  • Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals?

  • Should people have to provide a license to become parents? Or can you do my essay for me?

  • If there is a tougher federal restriction on the content online?

  • Should people be allowed to curse on day television?

  • Should the owners legally responsible for cleaning snow from sidewalks on their own property?

  • Should sex education should be taught in public places?

  • Should the student get free condoms in the classroom?

  • Should students ask to learn Spanish?

  • Should students wear a form?

  • Should students allow making mobile phones at school?

  • Should marijuana be legal for medicinal purposes?

  • Should the age of voting decrease to thirteen?

  • Should the age of driving be increased to twenty-one?

  • Should the possibility of illegal immigrants allowed to obtain licenses of drivers?

  • Should scientists be replaced by laptops?

  • Should abortions be legal?

Good topics for a convincing essay

You must choose such convincing essay themes for high schools that are most familiar and expand them. These topics can tell us about friendship, love and hatred, about the relationship between parents and children, about health problems and so on. You need to try something new if you want to create the best essay. You can also ask write my essay for me. You have to catch attention to people on your topics. If you decide to choose good themes for a convincing essay, you need to think very well. Because your rating will depend on it. And, of course, you need to fight others to think about it. It can be animal cruelty, keeping nature and even the death penalty. If you want to show people how often we have different points of view, you must choose argumental convincing essay themes.

In these sorts, you can weigh the pros and cons of the problem to prove your point of view and show the points of view of other people. You will need to choose an interesting convincing essay themes and protect your opinion about them. If you could not choose your convincing essay themes, we will be happy to help you. Our professional team can pick up the best convincing themes of the essay for you. And your essay will be curious and rich in content. Our writers are highly qualified professionals. That's why you do not need to worry about your work.

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